THE Wellness Retreat


Join us in paradise for a holistic approach to comprehensive wellness while serving as one of the most authentic and personalized healing retreats dedicated to uplifting those committed to and invested in the movement.

The retreat captures the Pillars of Wellness to facilitate clarity, peace of mind, and serve as a place to jumpstart our journey of self, discovery, and action planning.


  • Personal growth
  • Wellness development
  • Self introspection & reflection
  • Personality profiling & Human design work
  • Spiritual wellness

1: 1 Coaching & processing

  • Spiritual healing & growth
  • Action planning
  • Financial education
  • Mental wellness
  • Mind, body, & soul healing
  • Heal current and/or ancestral wounds


  • Community building
  • Group bonding
  • Barbados exploration
  • Role-playing
  • Social wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Environmental wellness

Why employers send staff to THE Wellness Retreat of Barbados?

  • Development & growth of staff leadership, problem-solving, communication, & coping skills
  • Increase staff satisfaction, motivation, rejuvenation, & retention
  • Great fun reward that boots energy, morale, productivity, engagement, efficiency, and teamwork
  • Shows dedication to staff happiness, well-being, health, and speaks to how you value them as not only staff but as human beings
  • Increase reputation amongst staff and comrades for being progressive in cause & in actions which will result in a competitive edge for talent acquisition
  • Decreases staff distraction, malaise, stress, mental, & emotional roadblocks

Upcoming Retreats

  • March 29th – April 2nd, 2022 (FULL, COMPLETED)
  • 2023 – TBD (please check back)

Whats Included?

  • Accommodation: 5 days and 4 nights at a unique and colorful resort, surrounded by tropical gardens and the spectacular waters of The Crane. Check-in is at 3pm and check-out is at 12pm at The Crane Resort. 
  • All group activities:
    1. Catamaran adventure (turtle/ocean/environmental therapy)
    2. Yoga and mindful meditation (for centering, building mindfulness, and gaining self-awareness)
    3. Island Tour (as part of reflection, awareness, and rejuvenation): We will go on a few group trips to explore some of the most beautiful places in Barbados
    4. Meals, activities, and the cost of transportation around the island are covered during our day trips
    5. Sit down with a “bush tea” local herbalist that focuses on full-body wellness
  • Private Intuitive 1:1 Processing and coaching. Experience several private sessions as you jump into your journey. Sessions will utilize the profiling of each participant and in-depth work on how to use discoveries to improve areas like communication, interpersonal relationships, and dynamics, management style, etc
  • Delicious Meals: Daily meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Airport Transportation: Airport transportation to and from The Crane Resort will be offered

What’s not included?

Airfare: Once you register, you will want to work with your organization/staff member to book a flight that provides the most comfort and ease.

Travel Insurance: There are doctors on call at the retreat site and a hospital about 20 minutes away from our main location. However, travel insurance is mandated by the Bajan government. Health insurance is covered in certain travel insurance packages, which can also cover baggage loss and trip cancellation. Groups to consider might be AIG, etc.

​Additional Experiences: Additional experiences such as spa treatments and other adventures are not included in the retreat schedule. ​

On-site childcare

Still, have questions?

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