Whether it’s about transforming your business or your self, we’re here for it. 

At Glymph Consulting LLC, our mission is to provide high-quality sustainable solutions & tools that enable individuals and businesses to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

Glymph Consulting LLC focuses on setting organizations up for long-term success. By working with you to identify and tackle your most pressing issues, Glymph Consulting LLC helps you create the strong infrastructure you need in order to focus  your efforts on your mission. 

Who We Are

We’re your dreamers, your doers, your wellness coaches and accountability partners — and your new biggest fans.

What We Do

We bring a deep committment to wellness and wellbeing in all aspects of your life – whether it’s at home, in the office, or in your community.

Where We’ve Worked

We have worked both nationally and internationally, addressing the varying needs and challenges found in the business and political sectors.

“Rikimah is not just an expert in her field, but a joy to work with through some of the most difficult situations in the workplace. Her wealth of experience, empathetic nature, and attention to detail enable her to be able to handle any matter arises. I was proud to have worked with her and would jump at future opportunities.”

Shannon Jackson
Senior Director, Bernie 2020

What Others Say About Us

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