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We’ve worked with a variety of partners in the non-profit, business, and political sectors assessing and improving their operations and people management systems.


“Rikimah is an awesome coach and leader in the respects of helping entrepreneurs, change leaders and everyday people reach their full potential! Rikimah worked really hard in developing true leadership strategies to now leading a National Mental Health Movement for Black Men and Boys! I truly can’t thank her enough for her support and efforts.”

Lorenzo P. Lewis
CEO, The Confess Project

“I had the pleasure to work with Rikimah on two occasions: first as a colleague and then as a consultant. Rikimah is an incredible and talented professional with global expert knowledge on HR, Leadership, Operations and Project Management. She is somebody that leads by example, constantly inspiring her team members to aim high and deliver. She is a consummate professional with a tenacious and insightful approach to her role. Rikimah showed dedication to her work and team on every occasion. Rikimah is extremely personable with a very high level of emotional intelligence. She is a great manager and truly cares about her team. She is a pleasure to work with and I welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Carolina Moreno Lopez
Global HR Business Partner, YPO – UK

“Rikimah is an awesome person to have around. She’s a great manager who has extensive valuable knowledge in HR and Finance. She is very creative, hands-on, and organized. She is someone who is always ready to listen and guide in resolving issues. She’s great at communicating her ideas and helping staff to achieve their goals. She is always open to discuss ideas and suggestions. I learned a lot about leadership from Rikimah, and it was a pleasure to be managed by her for the period I worked with her Rikimah brings all her skills and abilities to the table as a manager. She is reliable and very goal-oriented, which inspired our team to try our best always. The other characteristics that made her such a great manager were her analytical capacity and kindness. She knows how to bring the best out of each person and is an outstanding mentor.”

satu Niang
Regional HR Manager,
RTI International – Senegal, west africa

“Rikimah was amazing to work with on the Bernie 2020 campaign. She is supportive, caring and has great mediation acumen. Rikimah is able to see into the problem and calmly knows how to handle myriad difficulties and dynamics within the workplace environment. She was always there to back me up during problematic situations and gave me great counsel and tips on how to manage my team. Rikimah is always on point and offers compatible resolutions that comply with company policy and union regulations. Her even tempered demeanor and ability to juggle many personality types and rapid fire daily issues goes a long, long way during a high stakes campaign.”

Yvette Torell
Senior Staffer, Bernie 2020

“I was very fortunate to work with Rikimah while she was consulting for Movement Voter Project, where I was the Managing Director. This woman is a force of nature – at getting things done and inspiring YOU to get things done and not allow your hang-ups to get in your way. If you’re looking for a kick-ass thought partner you seriously enjoy working with, I can strongly recommend her.” 

Regina Clemente
Managing Director, Movement Voter Project

“I’ve worked directly with Rikimah and she is a true difference maker. She’s done much of the heavy lifting in establishing as well as recommending better solutions for HR, Finance and Operations processes, systems, and policies and continues to do so. Rikimah has helped automate systems which decreased data input and increased accuracy. Rikimah continues to institute HR policies that are aligned with how organizations grow and expand. Rikimah was great to work with, she listens well and I think this is what enables her to offer and institute solutions that improve HR and Operations in particular. She’s a great team member who we all enjoyed working with and she’s a great leader as well. It’s difficult to find people who can do both of those well. Whenever people ask me if I know someone for HR and Operations in particular, my first thought, is, ‘well, if you can hire her, you should reach out to Rikimah Glymph.'”

Dana Dudley
Senior Director, CPL

“Our law firm served as counsel to two nonprofit organizations for which Rikimah served as director of operations. Rikimah had responsibility for overseeing finances, staffing and operations for these organizations, that carried out complex and politically sensitive programs with characteristic shortages of staff and resources. We worked closely with RIkimah and found her to be incredibly disciplined, well-organized, discreet and hard-working. It was a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her highly to any organization or company.”

“Rikimah is a phenomenal manager, mentor, and leader. She’s great at coaching and developing employees individually as well as leading HR at the organizational level. Rikimah’s talents are wide spread and and also includes driving global HR strategy, developing and leading large and small trainings, creating brand new org policies or processes, and handling difficult conversations with grace, just to name a few. It was a true pleasure to both work with and be mentored by Rikimah.”

Molly Flynn, PHR
Director of People Operations, Dimagi

“Rikimah is an HR professional with extensive knowledge of the area and a really human touch. She’s committed to social justice and equity principles and works hard to ensure they are integrated in all she does.” 

Jo Dufay
Senior International Consultant

“I have worked with Rikimah over the last 4 years on various HR projects. She has expert knowledge about employment law. She is very diligent about conducting research and always presents us with practical solutions. Her reports are are always presented in a structured way with references to all support documents which is very helpful. Most importantly to us, Rikimah always benchmark her work against practices in other global organisations. Rikimah possesses great interpersonal skills and has a great way of keeping everyone updated on the progress of projects. She is a well rounded HR professional who will always invest the necessary time to deliver practical solution in the agreed timelines. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Gillian Mthandi
Senior Director, M2M-South Africa

“Drafting a new “gold standard” for campaign HR policies and adopting a collective bargaining agreement for the first ever unionized workforce of a presidential campaign are both just pieces of paper if you don’t have a top notch, highly experienced, trained professional with bold leadership skills to direct the department. Rikimah came to the Bernie 2020 campaign highly sought after for her years of experience, her integrity, and her work ethic. She hit the ground running and built one of the most innovative and successful campaign operations and human resources teams in the history of political campaigns. Employees and managers alike knew they could count on Rikimah to support and guide them in any personnel or employment challenge. Not only does she have the knowledge to properly inform often complicated decisions, she has a strong moral compass when I comes to doing the right thing for the individuals involved. It was a pleasure and an honor to have had the opportunity to work with Rikimah and she will undoubtedly be an asset to any organization she works with in the future.”

Krista Harness
SENIOR Development Manager
Bernie 2020

“Rikimah and I had the chance to collaborate when I served as outside counsel for an organization for which she worked in HR. We had a great working relationship! She knows well for which issues she needs to consult with experts, and seems to have a great nose for managing culture and personality issues. You can’t ask for more as a client!”

Sadina Montani
Partner, Vedder Price

“Rikimah is someone who is not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in her employees’ professional growth. She has exceptional leadership skills, and an open-door policy. Because of her many years of experience in various industries, her ideas are always creative and thought-provoking. She is very calm under pressure and is always able to manage unforeseen events smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Katyayni Sharma
International Resource Manager

“I had the opportunity to meet Rikimah during my Senior Fellowship at the New Organizing Institute (NOI). During that time I was consistently impressed by her dedication to creating effective systems within the the rapidly growing organization and a work ethic that is nothing short of extraordinary. She is dedicated to creating systems that are logical, scalable and fiscally responsible. I hold her in great regard and see her very clear potential to help any organization do its work better.”

Russ Finkelstein
Founder, ClearlyNext

“Few people have the opportunity to work with someone as exciting and efficient as Rikimah. She is a genuine expert with her skillset and she uses a unique touch of compassion and consideration to get the best production out of her team. Rikimah is a dynamic leader! Every organization should have someone who embodies integrity, commitment, and leadership the way that she does. I’d work with her or for her in a heartbeat!”

Darnell Lee
Senior Director, Bernie 2020

“Rikimah is not just an expert in her field, but a joy to work with through some of the most difficult situations in the workplace. Her wealth of experience, empathetic nature, and attention to detail enable her to be able to handle any matter arises. I was proud to have worked with her and would jump at future opportunities.”

Shannon Jackson
Senior Director, Bernie 2020

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