Our Services

Glymph Consulting LLC focuses on setting organizations up for long-term success. By working with you to identify and tackle your most pressing issues, Glymph Consulting LLC helps you create the strong infrastructure you need in order to focus  your efforts on your mission. 

We offer consulting services for both business operations and individual wellness and well-being. Whether you need recruiting and onboarding support, a full organizational analysis, or just some help refocusing and reorienting your personal goals, Glymph Consulting LLC will work with you to customize the services and solutions we provide.

Our Approach

We enable people and organizations to improve, innovate and sustain.
We strengthen and advance individual and organizational capacity and abilities through discovery, innovation, education, planning, and advocacy. 
We create and design plans, systems, and policies that maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
We foster environments where organizations, leaders, and staff alike can achieve their life and organizational mission in the most efficient, effective, loving, and affirming way.

“In striving to be the change we want to see in this world, we’ve got to start with building ourselves as human beings and our organizations for sustainability. As a practitioner with over 17+ years of experience, I have a deep sense of understanding with regards to the unique needs of both, people and the human condition, as well as the infrastructural needs of mission-driven organizations.”

Rikimah Glymph | Founder
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